About Affinity PEO

Affinity Group PEO Solutions is a J V tech platform created by InsureComp and solely offered by iPEO Solutions to transform and alter the purchase of PEO services, such as workers’ compensation, payroll, etc. using pre-programmed algorithms and AI. You can instantly receive a quick quote for co-employment. Now, with Affinity PEO, you can receive your quote without having to go through the usual hassle of endless paperwork.


Here at Affinity PEO Solutions, we intend to create a platform where small business owners can directly purchase their co-employment solutions such as HR services including EPLI, workers compensation, payroll, etc. from a Professional Employer Organization through a technological dias. Our mission is to make the lives of small business owners as easy as possible while we do all the heavy lifting.


Our vision is to revolutionize the way PEO agencies work. We aim to create a platform where we can direct small businesses to a landing page that can instantly price their HR services including EPLI, workers' compensation, and payroll. Which are done through preset algorithms and underwriting boxes with AI. We are trying to make PEOs as homogenous as possible and to stick with the sectors we serve best. Through us, the clients and the carriers can save money as well.

Benefits of Finding PEO with Affinity Group PEO Solutions

Why Do You Need a PEO Agency?

Every small business needs a PEO agency to help them reach it highest potential. PEOs extend their services to more than 156000 small and medium businesses.

Even though PEO agencies mainly cater to small businesses, they are not small industries themselves. The size of the PEO industry ranges somewhere between $136 and $156 billion dollars.

In the United States Of America, there are more than 800 PEO agencies that are providing their services to small and medium-sized businesses.

When a small business is working with a PEO, they don't take over the company. PEOs work together with the small business and help them to become more productive and efficient.

Who We Serve

We specialize in providing services to particular industry sectors, ensuring that your business has the best and most diversified workforce possible, by reducing turnover and boosting employee morale. According to studies, having a diverse community of staff can help companies outperform their competitors in terms of income.


An SME that decides to franchise needs services for payroll, compliance, human resources, workers' compensation, and risk management. Consequently, we can offer small businesses better group pricing and other related benefits as an established PEO service broker who has been in the industry for a substantial while.

Industry Associations

Despite the fact that industry associations are large, they need the same services as other companies. We are fully equipped to assist industry associations with managing their benefits, HR, payroll, regulatory compliance support, and tax administration as a PEO brokerage service.

PE Portfolio Firms

PEOs are a terrific option for all venture-backed startups and PE firms. Through the Co-Employment partnership, a PEO gives the business improved operating conditions, higher benefits, and investment protection. Having a good PEO may assist small businesses to make sure everything is up to code and working properly for them.

Features and Benefits of Affinity PEO Company

We lower the opportunity cost of new businesses by making sure their time is not wasted with deals that are not viable and contain more risk than reward.

We improve the process along with the efficiency by putting everything through the API’s which are in constant communication with each other.

We can manage the colleagues internally while catering to the stakeholders externally in real-time.

We can report the status of all of the operations daily with the help of dashboards.

What Makes Affinity PEO Different

What makes Affinity PEO different from other companies is our determination to aid small businesses to run smoothly. When you are a small business owner, we understand that there is a lot on your plate. It might be overwhelming to keep up with the worker’s compensation, payroll, HR services, etc. That is why you need us.

Partnering up with Affinity PEO will give you the best customer experience and we are going to be right there to take your small business to its highest potential. We are unique because we aim to revolutionize and transform PEO service procurement such as HR services which also include EPLI, workers’ compensation, payroll, etc. so that you can focus on what you do best, which is running your small business.


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PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. PEO allows small businesses to outsource human resource and other services.
The worker's compensation, payroll, HR services, etc. needs to be properly maintained in any company. However, in these cases, small businesses might not be able to handle all of it on their own. That's where a PEO agency comes in. Small firms can outsource human resource functions thanks to PEO. It aids businesses in managing the obligations and liabilities connected to employees. PEO deals with issues related to managing small- to medium-sized firms, including support with regulatory compliance, payroll, administration, employee benefits, and HR services. There is research that suggests that companies that partner up with PEOs are likely to have 10% more growth than the companies that don't have a PEO.
If you have a small business then you must already know that it can be difficult and complicated to deal with all the compliance, workers' compensation, payroll, etc. if you feel like you're not able to handle all of it as a small business then it's an excellent idea to hire a PEO service.
The major difference between a PEO agency and a staffing company is that a PEO agency offers a wide range of services to small-medium sized businesses such as HR services including EPLI, payroll, workers compensation, risk management, etc. to make sure that the company can run smoothly and efficiently and they are based on the principle of co-employment. However, a staffing company is useful when a company is looking for temporary workers. The staffing company leases out workers for the business while the worker still remains as an employee of the staffing company.
The employers have direct access to management and direct control over the workers. PEO doesn't meddle with how the company is run. The PEO's clients have the authority to set the salary, duties, work hours, etc.
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